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Trojan War: Reckoning Of Zeus Trailer

Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus is a flash strategy online game from Kabam behind Thirst of Night and Godfather. In the game, you create your armies of ancient Greece and fight for fame and glory in the fantasy world of Trojan War.


Normally deep strategy games put hardcore players at easy without giving any redundant requirements or instructions while on the other hand always pose newbie players in confusion about what to do and how to do it. Well, Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus offers scores of missions to avoid such situations.

A very brief tutorial is provided at the beginning, which only tells you the functions of the buttons on the game interface. And before you even have any faintest idea about what is going on, you would be out struggling on your feet in this chaotic world.

Naturally, the game involves various kinds of upgrades, as most strategy games do. The temple, barracks, academy, walls, even library, houses, mines, and lumber mills all need to be built and upgraded; the heroes recruited as you reach specified levels gain experience and level up through battles; units must be upgraded so that you can attack targets of higher levels with more resources; all the researches in the library must be conducted and upgraded so your city would produce more wood, metal, and stones and your heroes can be equipped with special skills.

The good news is, as you gradually upgrade your buildings, you open up more items and it won’t be long before you know what you should do without even glancing at the mission goals. If your hero reaches certain levels, they wouldn’t be able to level up unless you upgrade the war academy. While the level of your hero determines which units you have access to. Anyway, level it up. Level everything up.

You attack cities, mines, lairs, forests and ruins to claim resources and obtain experience. To do that, you train units, assign a hero, and select a site to attack. You only see your hero picture move from your city to the target and then back home. After the attack, you will receive a battle report and then you will know whether you won or not.

In essence, Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus is still text-based as in most of Kabam’s games. Fortunately, the graphics is satisfactory enough. Currently, many strategy games have cute and exotic buildings in the bases while others boast realistic 3D graphics. Either way, they all try to satisfy players with the pictures, since there are few eye-catching visual effects in strategy games. Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus kind of did both, but in a unique way. Buildings are scattered on hills all over the map. And instead of allowing players to zoom in or out, the game only allows for moving the picture horizontally. That will enable you to have a closer look at the temple and other buildings originally “far” from you. And outside your city lie hundreds of forests, mountains, lairs and others. Some of them are drawn like a monster, a human’s head, or even an archer. Actually, the more complex the picture is, the more dangerous it is to attack it. But still, the map looks amazing.

However, the missions of Trojan War are really in a mess. It offers hundreds of missions all at a time, allowing you to finish whichever you like. But, the thing is, many of the missions refer to something you haven’t seen before and since the missions don’t incorporate any detailed instructions, you won’t have a single clue about what to do and how to do that. And that’s exactly why I keep attacking and upgrading, though occasionally I happen to complete some missions by luck.

Nonetheless, that is how deep strategy games do it. Anyway, Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus definitely deserves your attention. After all, few fans of strategy games would say no when it comes to original visuals plus deep strategy.

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