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Facebook Credits Generator V1.33

Incoming! Facebook Credits Generator have been released filling one of our members’ program requests.

As you know, Facebook Credits is a form of currency used to buy virtual items for Facebook Games and applications. Facebook Credits was used to buy gifts to send to your friends and families. This system is now removed and replaced by Facebook Credits. There are many ways of buying it including using your credit card, Paypal, mobile phone, or in store Facebook Credits card. You can also purchase credits from the Games Dashboard.

How does this benefit developers of Facebook Games and applications?

First, it makes it easier for the users of Facebook Games and other applications. Facebook credits can be used a large number of things, so users are stuck with just one game or application to use it on. Facebook retains 30% of the profit from Facebook Credits while the developers get 70%. That is a pretty good deal if you ask me. Facebook is planning to make Facebook Credits into a micro-currency for other things on Facebook such as Facebook Ads.

Based on statistics from, there are over 150 developers using Facebook Credits in over 650 Facebook Games and application. If you play a lot of Facebook games and use a lot of applications, this Facebook Credits generator will be of great benefit. Facebook credits is the official currency for all the games on Facebook by Zygna. It could be possible that soon Facebook credits will become a currency, which you can use to purchase real goods such as textbooks or even services. Grab some free Facebook credits to use when this does come along!

How to get free Facebook Credits with our generator?

Facebook Credits Card codes was used to develop this program. They are purchased in form of gift cards from large retail stores such as Target and Walmart. Facebook Credits can also be converted from prepaid Rixty gift cards. There are many other ways to earn Facebook Credits like Shopkick, ifeelgoods, AppDog, and Bing Rewards. You can forget all of that with our Facebook Credits Generator.

We cracked the algorithm after many attempts. We have been generating working Facebook Credits codes at a 100% success rate. The codes redeem $15 worth of Facebook Credits. $1 is worth one Facebook Credits. It is probably subject to change in the future.

Facebook Credits can be used for most of the Facebook games and apps on Facebook. There is a long list on Facebook help pages. Some of these games include Bite Me, Cafe Life, Diner Dash, Farmville, (fluff)Friends, and a lot more!

Take a look at the program below:


Instructions for using Facebook Credits Generator v1.33:

1. Run the generator. This is achieved by running Loader.exe and logging in with the details provided by the Authorization Guide.

2. Hit “Generate” button, and if the green check mark shows up that means the Facebook Credits card code can be redeemed successfully.

3. Click “Copy” and then redeem the code from Facebook Credits Generator on

4. Enjoy and don’t forget to share this website on your social networks!

Download Facebook Credits Generator V1.33

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