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Fragoria Hack V2.15

About Game

After creating your character you will be taken to a universe – the mystical abode of the Gods and astral bridge connecting the universe with our Fragorii. You – the spirit, which will materialize only in material terms, and your guide in this world will be Commander Svyat, an exalted warrior of ancient times. Svyat, himself turns to the newcomer and give first parting word, allowing to choose the place where the soul is willing to descend on the grounds of Fragoria. The spirit,you, will be given 4 choices:

Bloomy Garden
Northern Planes
Dead Lands
Ocean Islands

In this world, the character have no controls nor able do anything other than clicking on one of four options given infront of him. Once selected the location, the character moves to the selected area and begins the first independent steps in the game!

First Steps
Selected locations differ only in appearance but all further tasks and goals are the same. Therefore, any further description is provided as Ocean Lands location.

Once in Ocean Lands, you see the first message box, the information that will guide you some controls in the game until you are ready.

The message will teach the character on how to use some controls available, such as:
Avatar with indicators of life, mana and how to examine/look into character.
Button features a Character.
Button to open the Backpack.
Button to open the Achievement form.
Button to open the Shop.

Commander Svyat asks you to click on Achievements – go for it. In the form you will see a list of achievements Newbie section. Later, after graduating from here you will see all other available achievements.

 Fragoria Hack V2.15

Fragoria Hack V2.15

Fragoria Hack V2.15  Info

Hi I present to you hack the game Fragoria. It is the latest hack. It works, just look at the video and see how easy it is to operate. Thanks for the download.

Hack Adds: Emeralds

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