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Team Fortress 2 Hack Tool V3.1


Team Fortress 2 Hack Tool V3.1

Aimbot System

*Auto AimAutomatically aim at target.
*Auto ShootAutomatically fire at target.
*Aim DelayDelay aimbot finding new target.
*Strafe PredictionAdjust for player strafing.
*Field of View adjustmentPermit a limited angle for aimbot to aim.
*Aim PositionAim at neck, chest, body, head
*Aim KeySpecify an aimbot toggle key.
*Aim at CloakDecide whether to aim at cloaked players.
*Aim at disguiseDecide whether to aim at disguised players.
*Aim SmoothSpecify speed of aimbot for human style.
*Aim TeamAim at enemies or teammates.
*Aim Trigger BotAutomatically fire when crosshair is over target.
*Trigger Bot KeySpecify a key for the triggerbot.
*Trigger SpreadFactor in spread when utilizing triggerbot.
*Trigger AimNew feature that combines the benefits of aimbot and triggerbot. Perfect for flick shots!
*Trigger Aim DelayControl Trigger Aim lock period.
*Sentry AimbotAim at sentries and use the wrangler.
*Auto DetonateAuto detonate stickies and grenades when enemy is in blast radius and can be damaged.
*Auto BackstabThe aimbot will aim at players backs with the spy’s knives.

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Projectile Aimbot

*Projectile AimbotSmart aimbot that factors in multiple variables to hit accurate shots
*Projectile VisualizationDraws projectile aim path to allow users to hit perfect shots manually

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Visual System

*Extra Sensory PerceptionDraws name, weapon, box, distance
*Chameleon SkinsRenders different colors on player models based on visibility. Three types – Wireframe, solid, textured
*Health Bar ESPDraws health bar next to player
*World ESPDraw ESP on stickies, sentries, and projectiles
*Tele/Sentry/Dispenser ESPDraws build and health
*Sound ESPDraws footstep on players (Full map range)
*No SkyRemoves Sky
*Transparent WallsXQZ Type Wallhack
*WireframeMakes entire world wireframe.
*CrosshairRenders permanent crosshair. Multiple colors and options.

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*No-View ChangeSilent Aimbot
*Perfect No SpreadRemoves spread completely, improving accuracy.
*Perfect No RecoilRemoves recoil completely, improving accuracy.

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*Melee AimbotAuto-backstab and melee aimbot
*Auto ZoomAutomatically zoom in to shoot with scoped weapons.
*Auto AirblastAutomatically airblast projectiles away from you.
*Auto DisguiseAutomatically disguise when you kill a player as a spy
*Constant CriticalsWaits until server is sending a critical hit and fires a bullet
*Speed HackAdjust move/shoot speed and zoom around the map.
*Bunny HopAutomatically Jump continuously.
*Panic KeyDisable hack with push of a button.

Download Team Fortress 2 Hack Tool V3.1 


*In-Game MenuAdjusts values in-game with mouse driven menu.
*Virtual Key BinderAssign any key to perform hack functions.
*Configuration SystemSave and Load profiles.
*GuidesDetailed guides to configure hack for any style of play.

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